Clinic of Forensic Psychiatry

Forensic Psychiatric statements
The main task of the Clinic is to prepare forensic psychiatric statements. In 2015 The Clinic received approximate  500 requests from the Prosecution Service to produce forensic psychiatric statements. 

Clinic of Forensic Psychiatry has by virtue of its special feature a tradition of conducting research. A number of publications have been produced by employees of the Clinic. Look under Publications,if you want to read some of our publications (some are in Danish only). If you want to know more about our research, look under Research (this page is available in Danish only).
Clinic of Forensic Psychiatry is an institution under The Ministry of Justice, and is administratively under
 The Director of Public Prosecutions.
Look at the organization chart (in Danish) to see how Clinic of Forensic Psychiatry is organised.

Clinic of Forensic Psychiatry is located at Blegdamsvej 6b in Copenhagen. The staff consists of psychiatrists, 
psychologists, social workers, administrative and security staff.


The clinic's business are set out in the following provisions:

Code of Civil Procedure § 809 and § 810

Ministry of Justice instruction of 24.03.1654

General Attorney's message No. 5, 2007, directed September 2015

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